Replacement UV Bulb for April Aire Models # 90 1910 1930
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Replacement UV Bulb for April Aire Models # 90 1910 1930

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Super Quartz Glass Ultra Violet Lamp
   - Replacement Bulb for HVAC Models:
1910, 1930, 87N77, 1076R, 90
Ultra-Violet germicidal lighting for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system
Base Type: T5F
Operates: 253.7nm
Provides Air Disinfection
Warranty: 1year [recommend to replace every 12month]
High Output (HO)
Length: 18"
Base: 4Pin-T5 Ceramic Base
Glass Type: Quartz Glass Tube
Socket: Connectors are 4pin single ended {SE} circling
Effective Hours Rating: 12,000hrs

Our Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV)lamps are similar in size and shape to conventional germicidal lamps but are capable of operating at higher input power and current which is required for many widely used appliances.  They are used in forced air duct systems, air cleaners, and water disinfection applications.

All brand names, product names or trademarks listed on our page belong to their respective holdings. Manufacturer names are provided as a reference only for compatibility. We only sell high quality Super Quartz glass UV UltraViolet Lamps and Bulbs.

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