Knowledgable team "Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc" consists of many highly trained lighting professionals which are fully committed to help you in any type of lighting industry. The shipping operation department always ensures that all orders are checked and inspected prior to shipping. "Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc" continues to be proud of their innovative knowledge, and approach, to be able to supply you and your company with customized lighting needs. We offer lighting needs to most industries, here are some of the following industries that we service: all type of Ultraviolet Lighting for air and water sterilization, small businesses, homeowners, ultraviolet for air purification and germicidal for water treatment, stage & studio, automotive, outdoor & street lighting, medical, businesses, restaurants, hotels, night clubs, commercial properties, property management companies, contractors, water treatment sites, state aquariums, theaters, studios, hospitals, airports, government agencies, schools and universities and many more.