GPH843T5L UV 41W Bulb Bi-Pin Base Germicidal 33.19" GPH843T5
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GPH843T5L UV 41W Bulb Bi-Pin Base Germicidal 33.19" GPH843T5

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Wattage: 41W
Bulb Shape: T5 Style Quartz Glass
Base Type: Bi-Pin (2pins on Each End)
Length: 33.19" (843mm)
Effective Hours Rating: 12,000hrs

Light Spectrum Enterprises, Inc replacement lamps by LSE Lighting are top quality UV lamp products.
We do recommend replacing UV lamps at least every 12 month to ensure best Ultraviolet performance output of the lamp.

Ultraviolet light water filters are a highly effective way to protect your water supply from , , cysts, and many other organisms. Ultraviolet (UV) systems use a specialized UV lamps and bulbs such as in this listing that produces high quantities of damaging ultraviolet light. Any organisms passing by the light are destroyed. Ultraviolet systems do not add any dangerous chemicals to the water and are very easy to install and maintain.  Our lamps are fully certified and tested by quality assurance teams.
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