G10T5L 05-1346-R Ultraviolet Germicidal Bulb
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G10T5L 05-1346-R Ultraviolet Germicidal Bulb

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Brand: LSE Lighting®
Wattage: 17W
Length: 14" (357mm)
UV Power: 254NM
Base: Single Pin - Double Ended

This UV Lamp by LSE Lighting Brand is fully compatible replacement for the following Ultraviolet systems:

    American Ultraviolet, Inc. CE-10-2SL
    American Ultraviolet, Inc. CE-10-SL
    American Ultraviolet, Inc. GML060
    American Ultraviolet, Inc. GR-10-SL
    American Ultraviolet, Inc. SM-10-SL
    American Ultraviolet, Inc. STG-10-SL
    American Ultraviolet, Inc. TB-12-W
    American Ultraviolet, Inc. UF-10-SL
    American Ultraviolet, Inc. UFA-10-SL
    Aqua Azul Corporation L-8-248
    Aquafine Corporation 3050
    Aquafine Corporation DW300
    Aquafine Corporation SL-10A
    Aqua Treatment Services, Inc. ATS1-805
    Aqua Treatment Services, Inc. DWS-6
    Aqua Treatment Services, Inc. DWS-7
    Aqua Treatment Services, Inc. DWSW-6
    Aqua Treatment Services, Inc. SE-7
    ATS ATS1-805
    ATS DWS-6
    ATS DWS-7
    ATS DWSW-6
    ATS SE-7
    Campbell Manufacturing DWS-7
    Clean Water Systems International C4
    Clean Water Systems International C4A
    Clean Water Systems International C4B
    Clean Water Systems International C4BA
    Clean Water Systems International CR3
    Crystal Clear CUV7
    Crystal Clear CUV7E
    CureUV 194182
    EiKO Global, LLC G10T5L
    Glasco Ultraviolet 1842
    Ideal Horizons 12001
    Ideal Horizons 2001
    Martin Water Conditioning CUV7
    Martin Water Conditioning CUV7E
    Pura Water Products, LLC UV7
    Pureflow Inc. G10-3050
    Siemens LP4165
    Sunlight LP4165
    Ultra Dynamics 7008-248
    Ultra Dynamics DW300
    Ultra Dynamics DWS-7
    UV Superstore, Inc. G10-3050
    Water Treatment &
    Accessories 05-0341
    WTA 05-0341

All trademarks above, trade names or company names referenced herein are used for identification and reference purposes only and are the property of their respective owners.

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