DJL 120V 150W T14 G17q Base Projector AV Photo Bulb
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DJL 120V 150W T14 G17q Base Projector AV Photo Bulb

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Our popular Eiko Brand DJL Projector lamp is used in various equipments for Projectors, FilmStrips, and Movie Projection Models.
Model:  DJL
Volts: 120V
Watts: 150W
Filament: CC-8
Length: in/mm 3.50/89.0
Diameter: in/mm 1.77/45.0
Average Life Hours: 35
Bulb Type: T14
Base Type: G17q
Special Note: Self-Ballasted
Color Spectrum: 3150K
Cross Reference:  DFN/DFC
Burning Position: Horizontal
Alternate Part Numbers: 59 29338 8mm Projection Lamp, 8722, PN452072

This lamp will fit the following equipment models:

Argus: 356A, 357A
Bell and Howell Company: Filmosound 358-S, 458, 468
Autoload-346, 356, 357, 456Z, 456, 457, 458, 462, 462Z, 457Z, 468Z, 476P, 481, 356A, 356-A
Autoload 461 Super 8 Projector, 461B, Autoload 3095377
Filmosonic 1733, B, 1742, 1744Z, 1744BZ, 1745CZ
Bell & Howell Model 1734Z Movie Projector: 600Z, 600ZR, 600ZRX, Filmsonic 600
Soundstart: Movie Cassette 459-Z (to serial 1011100)
Bell & Howell Autoload Design 481A, 456A, 357B
Keystone: 2400 Zoom, 2500 Zoom models
Dual Type 8mm Movie Projector K560
super 8mm Vovie Projector 831
Osawa: Filmosound 358-S, 458, 468
Autoload-346, 356, 357, 457, 458, 457Z, 468Z, 476P, 481
Filmosonic 1733, 1742, 1744Z, 1744BZ, 1745CZ, 600Z, 600ZR, 600ZRX
Movie Cassette 459z)
Sears Roebuck and Company: Super 8mm model 9206, Dual Speed 9200, 9201, 9204, 9205
Du-All Super 8/Regular 8mm, 584-92040, 58492040, PJ35

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