400128 Equivalent UV Lamp for Rainfresh Sterilizer
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400128 Equivalent UV Lamp for Rainfresh Sterilizer

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SuperLife - 10,000hrs Quartz Glass Ultra Violet UV Lamp
     - Compatible Replacement UV for RainFresh R830 Water Purification System
     - Quality Lamps for Residential Water Disinfection Systems
Superior Quality Quartz UV Lamp for Rainfresh R830
Wattage: 38W
GPM Rating:  8
Length: Approx 20"
Provides Superior Water Purification for Rainfresh Residential Filtration Systems
Warranty: 2 years [recommend to replace every 10month]
Base: 4Pin Lamp T5 Ceramic Base
Glass Type: Quartz Glass Tube
SuperLife: 10,000hrs

Our lamps are used for water disinfection systems which utilize the ultraviolet light (UV). UV emitted at 254 nm wavelength s/s harmful , fecal coliforms, , , algae, spores and other microorganisms in water. UV purification process is a totally natural, non-chemical, environmentally safe technology which does not form any harmful disinfection by-products.

All lamps listed are compatible brand UV products. We do not sell RainFresh brand lamps. All RainFresh brand names, trademarks and logos are property of RainFresh.

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