Replacement UV Bulbs

With over 600 replacement UV bulbs, it is no wonder Light Exports is The Global Light Bulb Supplier! We have almost every type of UV bulb you could think of: G23 Plug-in, 2G11 Plug-In, Wedeco UV Lamps and E17 Intermediate Screw-In are just some examples. We haveT5 miniature bi-pin, T5 1pin double ended, T5 2pin double ended, T5 4pin single ended and T5FP 4pin Pentair. Since we are concerned about the planets health we also provide Ozone producing UV bulbs as well as for ATS (Aqua Treatment Service). There are many type of UV bulbs, as you can see, with different purposes! You will find that great UV replacement light bulb here at Light Exports!

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